2021 1st/2nd Grade Football

Head Coaches: Gabe Wiegand and Damon Lefferts

Assistance Coach: Jaxon Wiegand

Photo by: Missy Brown, Central Maine Photography Staff

1st/2nd Grade Football Instructional Program

~Core methods developed from the US Football “heads up” certified coaches program.

~Philosophical teaching on the following principals are instilled verbally to the players daily.

~No scoreboard, No touchdowns, therefore no “winners” of the game.

~We teach being a winner not winning a game.

~Each individual player is asked to read at home. Then at the start of practice they share what they read the previous days. This is done every day!

~We define what makes a winner:

~Concentration, focus and attention to what you are doing

~Self – confidence – remove doubts and challenge fears. Confidence building by explaining the positive in activities before citing how to improve.

~100% effort in your activity

~No Quitting – on yourself or on your team

~Good Sportsmanship – when things are going your way and when they are not going your way

~Accountability – own your mistakes, apologize for your actions and learn from them. (like poor attention, we recognize it and the individual must own it)

~We promote the 3 “No’s as values for youth to learn. No stealing, No cheating and No Lying.

~The program teaches the how to exercise, running drills, “blocking and tackling”, form an Offensive and Defensive team. Use of “heads up” coaching techniques. No kick offs, No punting.

~Program participation starts the week after school starts. Let’s get the youth a short time to meet the most important aspect outside of home = school. Then join your new friends in a physical activity geared to learning “the game” but also builds the supportive future student / athlete.