Winslow Youth Football & Cheering

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Winslow Youth Football & Cheering Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 07/26/2020

1.)    Welcome -> additional items to be added to agenda.

A.      PJ sorry ☹

B.      PJ nominate Roger Buker to Board of Directors.

2.)    Financial Overview, Lynne

3.)    Summer clinics – The good, The bad and The Ugly

4.)    Planning to have meeting with other towns in league, what does WYF&C look like.

A.      Covid response

B.      Communication for any issues

5.)    Season Overview

A.      What the Town is saying

B.      Registration.

1.       Date August 16th?  Practices Start Tuesday August 18th? Do a longer Assimilation period for each step.

2.       New set up: 2-3 people doing reg paperwork, 4-5 equipping kids 1 on 1, 1-person coordinate paperwork from reg-done.

C.      Very possible to have 2 – ¾ teams this year.

D.      Communication; good/bad/improvements. TeamReach a go?

E.       Photographer: Central Maine vs. Blais Photography

F.       On field; good/bad/improvements from last year

1.       Coaches meeting after this board meeting.

a.       5/6 coaches: Roger Buker, Joe Gorman, PJ Lessard

b.       ¾ coaches: Jared Bragdon, Mike DeRoche, Davis McKenney, Mark, Cotter

~~If 2 teams PJ will cover for Davis during military requirement

c.       ½ coaches: James Grant, Bill Brousseau, John Blais

d.       Cheer coaches: Meg Buker, Kaylee (Something)

e.       Flag: Gabe Weigan??

2.       Coaches will be using same system so if need coach out for extended time, other coaches can cover.

6.)    Fundraisers

A.      Scratch ticket baskets

B.      Tag Day (who can help secure places

a.       Cheer get 3 locations whatever they pull in goes to cheer program

b.       Football gets 4-5 locations.

7.)    Sponsorships

A.      Can anyone help so and speak to businesses

8.)    New Snack shack is being built by G&V Construction

A.      McCormick’s did at cost plus -$400 off in lieu of sponsorship check.

9.)    Meeting adjourned